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Our Story...

Read The Emotional Yet Remarkable Story That Led To The Formation Of HARVEY&COCO


My name is Chantelle, but I also go by the nickname “Coco” (I’ll explain that in a minute). I wanted to quickly share the story of how I created this business :)

You see, when I was 18 I was diagnosed with pernicious anemia. In case you’re not familiar with this condition, it unfortunately comes with (amongst much larger concerns) a number of common side effects such as thin, lifeless hair and dull, rough-looking skin. (My father called me “Coco” because I had a round face and hair that looked like the strands of a coconut shell. Hilarious, right?!)

My mum and I had tried hundreds of products over the years… and we eventually learned which ingredients worked and which didn’t. Still, I got tired of buying product after product with limited results.

You’d probably guess that I created our line of products to “save the world” from the same frustrations I’d experienced with hair and skin products. While that’s partially true… there’s a bit more to the story.

My Chihuahua, Harvey, developed a severe limp shortly after I took him home. After more tests than I care to think about, the specialist informed me Harvey would need a custom titanium hip replacement… which would cost £6,823 (more than half my yearly salary at the time).

I couldn’t let Harvey continue to suffer… but I didn’t have that kind of money stashed away.

harvey and coco

After a lot of worrying (and asking family members for help), I decided that if I created two natural, safe, hair and skin products from my knowledge of what had worked for me over the years… I could help other people look amazing AND raise the money I needed for my darling Harvey’s surgery.

Fortunately, I was able to work with a local manufacturer to get the first 300 bottles of my new products, Root Rehab and Complexion Rehab, free of charge to help raise funds towards Harvey's surgery (thank you Richard!)

Even better, all of those bottles sold out in just 2 weeks! I had the money for the surgery… and a list of buyers who LOVED my products (and wanted more).

Customers started sending videos showing how well the products worked, so I knew I had created something special!

I love hearing from customers who say that these products have made a MUCH bigger difference to their lives than the ones they paid 3 times the price for in salons and shops.

So after you give them a try, I’d love to hear from you too!

If you’re looking for a powerful, yet natural way to maintain a normal healthy hair growth cycle, or a way to make your skin glow and feel fantastic, click the buttons below to learn more about Root Rehab and Complexion Rehab :)


I almost forgot to mention… I know how much I love these products, and I know how much my customers love them. But since you haven’t tried them yet, I want to make sure you’re comfortable ordering from me.

That’s why I’m giving you a no questions asked, 100% money-back guarantee. If you’re not thrilled with the results… or you’re just not happy for any reason… just tell me and I’ll promptly refund every last bit of your investment. No questions and no hassles – does that seem fair to you?

Awesome! So order your supply of Root Rehab and Complexion Rehab today and depending on your location, you could start in as quickly as 2 days :)

harvey and coco
aka 'Coco'.

P.S. In case you’re wondering, Harvey made a full recovery and is back to his energetic self!

P.P.S. On occasion, we can run out of stock (due to press/tv coverage, promotions and special events), so if you’re thinking of ordering, please do so today (it can sometimes be weeks before we have them back in stock).