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Ugly Teeth: 10 Mistakes That Cause Teeth Stains

Are you self-conscious about your smile?

Are your stained teeth shrinking your confidence and limiting your personal and professional opportunities?

If you knew a few simple ways to keep your pearly whites, well, white and pearly, wouldn't you be ready to hop onboard?

Millions of women—and more than a few men, too—suffer from smiles that are less than perfect, leading to loads of negative self-talk and criticism that can leave you shy and ultra-sensitive about your appearance.

Expressing joy becomes an exercise in self-control and inhibition, and you end up closing yourself off rather than opening up to other people and the wealth of opportunity around you.

Simple tooth stains shouldn't hold any woman back—not when there are simple solutions that can give your smile the brilliance it deserves. Here are the ten top mistakes people make that contribute to stained teeth, and be sure to read our bonus tip for whitening already-stained teeth and restoring your natural smile!

1. Eating and Drinking Too Much Sugar

You've been hearing it from your dentist all your life, and it really is true: too much sugar is bad for your teeth, and is one of the worst things you can do to contribute to stains.

The bacteria in your mouth love to eat sugar, and they secrete acidic compounds as waste. 
These acids break down tooth enamel, making it easier for teeth to become stained; more sugar means more acid means more tooth decay means more stains.


2. Chewing on Ice

Acid wears down your teeth and makes them more susceptible to stains via chemical processes, and so-called "mechanical" damage can have the same effect.

Ice is hard stuff, and chewing on it can damage your enamel and let stains seep in through the cracks. Iced drinks are lovely, but they're meant to be sipped through straws and not crunched by your molars and incisors.


3. Grinding Your Teeth

Knowing that ice can cause damage to your tooth enamel, you can probably guess why grinding your teeth is such a bad idea if you're trying to avoid stained teeth.

Putting that much pressure on your teeth and grinding them against each other can cause the same kind of damage and contribute to the same kind of staining, not to mention other problems with the strength of your teeth.


4. Too Many Acidic Foods and Drinks

Eating sugary foods leads to the creation of acidic compounds in your mouth, and if that's bad for your teeth then introducing acids directly via the foods you eat and the beverages you drink must be just as bad.

Citrus fruits, tomatoes, and other high-acid foods should be enjoyed in moderation, and sodas, fruit drinks, and other high-acid liquids are best avoided altogether if you have oral hygiene worries.


5. Coffee & Tea

We know. Coffee and Tea are mainstays for many women, but the fact is they’re terrible when it comes to teeth stains.

Not only does coffee have a color that causes stains on almost anything it touches, but it's also highly-acidic—giving it easy entry into your enamel and the dentin layers beyond. While Tea may be a few shades lighter it’s not too far behind coffee when it comes to staining teeth.


6. Continual Snacking and Drinking (Other Than Water)

Whenever you eat or drink something other than water, your body naturally increases saliva production in your mouth to kickstart the digestion process. Saliva helps break down your food because it is acidic...I'll be you can guess where this is going.

Eating and drinking more frequently means more saliva production, which means a more acidic mouth, which means weaker teeth that more easily become stained.

Frequently drinking water, on the other hand, will help keep your mouth neutral and non-acidic, while also helping to clean out debris, sugars, other acids, and staining agents. So drink that plain old H2O as much as you'd like—the more the better, especially after meals!


7. Improper Oral Hygiene

Not brushing and flossing the way you know you should? You probably know you're tempting cavities and other dental problems to invade your mouth, but you might not have been aware that plaque buildup and damage-prone teeth also run a greater risk of becoming stained.

Proper day-to-day dental care keeps teeth clean in the short-term and prevents damage in the long-term, and those are both essential when it comes to preventing teeth stains.



All wine is acidic, and should therefor be enjoyed carefully and consciously to protect your chompers.

Red wine, like coffee, adds the double whammy of some significant stain-causing compounds to its acidic quality, making it a definite no-no if you're trying to avoid tooth stains.



Of all the health problems smoking contributes to, stained teeth is probably at the bottom of the list.

But if you remain unmoved by the fact that smoking is a major cause of heart problems—the leading cause of death among women —then maybe the fact that smoking turns your teeth brown and yellow faster than anything else out there will make you think twice about sparking up that butt.


10. Using Your Teeth For Anything Other Than Chewing

This is more of a guy thing, but we've know a few women who think teeth are an appropriate tool for tearing tape, holding keys when their hands are full, and even opening the occasional beer bottle.

In reality, your teeth were only made for tackling food softer than your enamel. Limit your dental adventures to dining on human-appropriate meals and leave the stains behind.

Bonus Tip: Remove Existing Stains Without Damaging Your Teeth

Many teeth whitening products can actually cause further damage to your teeth, removing or bleaching stains but leaving your teeth that much more vulnerable to future darkening and discoloration.

Instead, you want a product that not only erases the mistakes of the past with whiter teeth today, but that contains ingredients to promote strong, healthy, and stain-free teeth for years to come.

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Forget those teeth-damaging whitening products, use a safe, reliable, and enamel-strengthening teeth whitening gel, and get whiter results that really last!

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