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8 Top Tips for a Healthier, Brighter Smile

We only have one set of adult teeth — so we have to treat them right. Are you doing everything you can to maintain the healthiest possible smile?

Although we often just view them as a means to chew our food, teeth are highly complex structures, containing enamel, dentine, the pulp cavity, and of course, the roots. In terms of the entire tooth, we only really see the surface — kind of like an iceberg, hiding below the surface. In this case, hiding below our gums.

If you want to maintain the healthiest, brightest smile possible, please consider the following.


Implement These Top 8 Tips In Order to Achieve a Healthier Smile

When you follow these 8 tips, you will not only benefit from a whiter smile, but also a healthier mouth. Here's what you need to know:


1. Get checked up


When was the last time you went to the dentist? Although many dentists recommend a thorough cleaning every 90 days or so — you should be going at least 1-2 times annually. Dentists not only have the expertise, but also the right equipment to reduce colonized bacteria in your mouth. Bacteria can lead to issues such as gum disease and tooth decay — so it's imperative that you keep your teeth and tongue clean.


 2. Floss, floss, and floss


If you think flossing is a hassle, think again! Although you may be inclined to grab a toothpick, flossing is the only way to really get in between the inner surfaces of your teeth. Considering that's where all the bacteria hide, you'll want to include flossing in your regular oral health routine.


3. Limit sugar

There are plenty of reasons to eliminate sugar from your diet, and your oral health is one of them. If you experience plaque buildup, then you'll be interested to know that harmful bacteria actually feed on sugar. Once plaque develops, it leads to tooth decay and may even influence heart health.


4. Brush at least twice daily


At the very least, you should be brushing your teeth twice daily. Most individuals do so in the morning, and before bed. If you are snacking throughout the day, it doesn't hurt to have a travel toothbrush handy, sugar-free gum, or even healthy snacks like apple slices and cheese — which can help naturally clean your teeth and gums.


5. Limit your intake of soda and coffee

Soda is not only bad for your waistline, it's bad for your teeth. The high amount of sugar and associated acidity will eventually lead to poor oral health. In terms of coffee, it's well-understood that this loved beverage stains your teeth. If you're looking to brighten your smile, whitening kits are available. Also, be sure to drink plenty of water!


6. Invest in an electronic toothbrush


Electronic toothbrushes can be a blessing, and are well worth the investment. They will help you get into areas that a regular toothbrush won't. It's recommended that you brush for at least 30 seconds within each quadrant of your mouth — so a total of 2 minutes. Some electronic toothbrushes actually come with a timer, so that you ensure you're brushing long enough.


 7. Be conscious of any issues


Each day, you should look for signs of diminishing oral health. Gum disease presents itself through a number of symptoms — including red, puffy gums. When you brush, is there any blood? If so, this is a sign that your mouth isn't in the best shape it could be. Be sure to enhance your oral health regimen and rub coconut oil on your gum line.


8. Eat well


Not only should you reduce your intake of sugar, but also consume a balanced diet. After all, everything is connected. When you eat right, you help your body build strong teeth and healthy gums. Some of the best options are low-acidic fruits, nuts, raw vegetables, and quality cheeses.


9. Don't smoke

Smoking will not only stain your teeth and give you bad breath, but this habit will also increase your risk of oral cancer and gum disease. If you quit, you'll also improve lung and heart health — so take steps today, in order to stop smoking long-term.

There is no better time than now, to start properly caring for your teeth and oral health — follow these tips, and you'll surely impact not only your mouth, but your overall well-being.

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