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Tired of Looking Tired? 3 Simple Ways to Get Back Your Youthful Glow

This year, a strange thing happened: I started hating when I had to walk into a room full of people. It just felt like everyone was staring at me and thinking the same thing, “when did she get so old?”

My husband said I was crazy.

But, I couldn’t help it.

How many of us have had this plaguing thought before?... That we were suddenly older than we’d like to be and we just can’t cover it up any more.

It’s the worst isn’t it?

I would go home from parties feeling alienated and hating everything about myself. It was an unhealthy cycle.

And one night it all came down on me. So, I made a choice, instead of making myself feel miserable about the way I looked, I would try to find healthful solutions to make me and my skin happier.

Below are three of the easiest and best solutions I found along my journey.

#1: Keep Water on My Desk

If you’re like most people, you probably sit at your desk five days a week, for hours on end. And when you do get a break, you probably sneak over to the vending machine for a Diet Coke. Here’s the reality: most people aren’t drinking enough water throughout the day, causing their skin to become completely dehydrated.

Keeping a bottle of water on your desk, encourages you to drink more water. And the more water you are able to consume, the healthier your skin will feel, the less wrinkles will build and the better your skin tone will become.

So drink up, folks. You won’t regret it.


#2: Develop a Nighttime Routine

Nighttime can be the worst time for your face, did you know that?

For a lot of us, we’re just so tired that we fall down onto our bed, exhausted and pass out before we even have a chance to wash our faces.

But here’s the problem, when you don’t wash your face every night, you risk irritating your skin and having frequent breakouts.

Laying your dirty cheeks on the pillow one night, means that all of those germs and dead skin cells will still be there the next night.

So, try to implement a solid nighttime routine. Wash and dry your face before you fall asleep and watch your face become clearer in no time!

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#3: Find a Product that You Can Trust

Finding a product that works best for your skin can be challenging.

Thankfully, HARVEY&COCO Complexion Rehab as been specifically formulated to help women get rid of those embarrassing sagging areas and nagging wrinkles.

By using Complexion Rehab regularly for one month, your collagen levels will build, which will help to eliminate those shameful crows feet and frown lines.

Take the recommended dosage of Complexion Rehab each night during your new nighttime routine and watch your skin transform back to your younger years in 4 weeks.

I can’t believe the difference I feel walking into a crowded room after adding this simple step to my routine and I think you’ll be blown away, too.

So, are you ready to say goodbye to your insecurities and hello to a practical solution that leaves you looking and feeling better?

Make sure that you check out Complexion Rehab and get your first month of treatment.

Then, let us know your tips and tricks for healthier skin in the comments below. We can’t wait hear what you have to say!

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