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9 Facts You Need to Know About Your Teeth

When you really think about it, how much do you know about your teeth? What are they anyway — and how do they influence the rest of your body and health?

The truth is, we often focus on our heart or skin — but our teeth is equally important. Here is what you should know about your teeth, and what you can do to improve your smile.

9 Interesting Facts About Teeth

It may seem like a long time ago — but remember when you first lost a tooth? It was exciting and interesting to hold something that was once 'a part' of you. After all your 'baby' teeth fell out, they were replaced by your 'adult' teeth. Since we only have one set, we have to take care of them!

Here are 9 interesting facts that you may not know about your teeth, so that you can improve your oral health.


1. You're unique


Believe it or not — no two people have the same set of teeth. Meaning, your teeth are yours and yours only. Think of them like your own dental fingerprint. This is also why forensic bite-mark analysis is possible. Although complex, one's bite mark can actually be used as evidence in order to convict.


2. Drool for days

We may not constantly notice the saliva in our mouths, but we definitely notice when or oral cavity is dry. That's because we need saliva in order to kickstart the digestive process. Although this much is known — I bet you don't know how much you're producing. In your lifetime, your mouth will produce more than 25,000 quarts — enough to fill two swimming pools.


3. It's all connected


We often think of our oral health is more of a cosmetic component, but the truth is, our mouth can set the stage for a wide range of diseases. As more research surfaces, we're finding that our teeth and mouth may influence conditions such as diabetes and heart disease.


4. Lead with your smile


Surveys show that around 50 percent of people first notice someone's smile when meeting them. What does your smile, say about you? If you're looking to treat surface stains and improve the look of your teeth, invest in a quality whitening kit — it's easy to apply at home.


5. Dead tooth


If you have your tooth knocked out for whatever reason, know that once removed from your gums, it will begin to die within 15 minutes. If you do experience this unfortunate event, place your tooth in milk‚ this will help preserve the root. Call your dentist immediately so that you can take appropriate action.


6. Chomp away


There's a reason why you can chop on raw vegetables and peanut butter brittle — your teeth are incredibly strong. In fact, the enamel — one of the four main tissues that make up teeth, is the hardest part of your body. It's also prone to damage and stains if you do not properly care for your oral health.


7. Modern tooth care


Although toothpaste may seem like an item that has been around for ages, it's only been in use for the past 100 years or so. Throughout the past, people used all kinds of creative ingredients, including chalk, lemon juice, and charcoal ash — which is actually making a comeback in the form of activated charcoal.


8. Be sure to floss


When you skip flossing, you miss around 35 percent of your tooth. As your teeth sit next to one another, food and bacteria get trapped in this space. If you don't properly floss on a regular basis, you could suffer from an increased risk of gum disease and cavities.


9. Bacteria-ridden


If you currently counted each and every human on earth, they still wouldn't amount to the number of bacteria living in your mouth. In our body, we literally have trillions of bacteria — and in our mouth, those who practice optimal oral hygiene, tend to have between 1,000 and 100,000 bacteria living on each tooth's surface. Those who are less thorough in terms of oral health, can have upwards up 1 billion bacteria per tooth.

In some cases, what you don't know — can hurt you. Be sure to take care of your teeth on a regular basis. After all, they're the only set you have.

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