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6 Signs Your Hair Is Damaged — And What to Do About It

Have you noticed lately that your hair isn't as shiny or bouncy as it once was?

You used to have such a full head of luscious, gorgeous hair.

Where did things do wrong?

Sometimes, we don't notice that our hair health is diminishing, until significant symptoms begin to surface. At that point, is the damage too severe? Once you notice that damage has occurred, there's no need to panic. It's what you do next that really matters. You can take action immediately, helping to restore natural balance — but first, know how to spot the signs.


How Do I Know If My Hair Is Damaged?

When is it time to treat your hair? How will you know that it has become severely damaged?

When you better understand the warning signs and symptoms of damaged hair, you can take more appropriate action. You may need to switch your diet, alter your beauty regimen, and take a beneficial supplement. Before you do take action, be aware of the following signs. That way, you'll know how to better influence and support your hair health.


1. Your hair is breaking easily

If you are suffering from hair loss or breakage, then your hair isn't as healthy as it could be. The next time you notice hair that's fallen out, take a look at the strands. If you see a fairly large root bulb, this may mean that you lack proper nutrition. If there is no bulb, this often means that your hair is weak and damaged. Either way, your hair health will need to be addressed.


2. Your hair lacks elasticity

Hair should be bouncy and rather forgiving when it's gently pulled. When hair is healthy and normal, when wet, it should stretch. If you test this, and your hair snaps easily, then you likely lack protein in your diet. If you find that your hair snaps almost instantaneously, then your hair is likely dry and brittle.


3. Your hair is dry and dull-looking


More often than not, dull hair is due to a poor diet and excessive heat styling. If you use box dyes, you may also notice that your hair is chemically damaged. You may also be suffering from highly porous hair, resulting from a damaged cuticle layer. This will result in dry, brittle hair, as the strands cannot absorb or maintain moisture. In this case, be sure to deep conditioner your hair 1-2 times weekly.


4. You have plenty of split-ends

When's the last time you got your hair cut? Have you noticed that the ends of your hair showcase significant splitting? If you have recently had your hair cut and you notice split ends shortly after, this is a sign that your hair is both weak and fragile. On average, individuals tend to notice split ends 1-2 months following a good trim.


5. Your hair is matted


When you come out of the shower, and have conditioned your hair, are you finding that it's harder to detangle than normal? If your hair is tangling up or becoming matted, this may be a sign that your hair is damaged. Unlike healthy hair, damaged hair strands will not as easily slide past one another.


6. Your hair isn't smooth

When you run your hand through your hair, focusing on an individual strand, what is the texture like? Is it smooth, or almost bumpy? Although too small to see with the human eye, when hair feels as though it has a bumpy texture, this often means that there are gaps in your hair strands — which lead to breakage. More often than not, protein can help remedy this issue, while vitamins and optimal nutrition can help from the inside out.

Recognising these signs is half the battle — so if you think your hair is damaged, the next step is to take action. Ensure that you're obtaining enough key nutrients, including protein, biotin, zinc, and more. The easiest way to achieve this, is to take a supplement in addition to a healthy, balanced diet.

Just remember, you're not stuck with your dry, damaged hair — you can begin to treat the above symptoms today!

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