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4 Things You Should Look For In a Weight Loss Shake

If you have been trying to lose weight — you know how challenging it can be.

As you jump from one 'diet' to the next, you're left feeling more frustrated than ever before. You may lose a few pounds, only to rapidly gain them back. If you can relate, no need to get down on yourself, or give up! Weight loss is most certainly achievable, you just need the right tools and frame-of-mind.

The truth is, nothing beats exercise and a balanced diet when aiming to shed excess weight. As simple as it sounds, it's the best possible method. The problem is, everyone is looking for a quick fix, without wanting to be in any time or effort. Although it may seem overwhelming, it's not overly complex.

One thing is certain — you need to eat right, ensuring that you get enough protein.

This is where protein shakes come into play. They're a convenient and delicious way to get you on-track. After all, when starting your weight loss plan, protein is the most superior nutrient. Have you been giving your body a fighting change while ensuring that your nutritional needs are met?


What Should I Look for When Purchasing a Diet Protein Shake?

If you have tried one or two diet shakes in the past, but hated their chalky taste, don't discount other options. Just like all other products on the market, there are some that are better than others — especially in terms of quality. If you're looking to amp up your weight loss regimen, then remember the following.


1. How much protein?

When you're aiming to lose weight, you need to ensure that you're getting enough protein. Although  you can introduce more protein-rich foods into your diet, nothing is easier than a protein shake. Whether you want a quick breakfast or snack, you'll want to source a product that provides plenty of protein — the king of nutrients when aiming to lose weight.

Depending on a number of factors, such as activity level and gender, your daily recommended intake will differ. On average, women need around 48 grams of protein daily, and men need about 56. If you are also exercising, you'll require more. When you find a shake that offers 20+ grams per serving, you will easily meet your requirements throughout the day.


2. Does it taste good?

This is something that many people dread when drinking protein shakes. Once you've had a bad experience, it's tough to give others a shot. After all, who wants a mouthful of chalky water? Look for protein shakes that are offered in flavours you enjoy — like chocolate or banana.

When you source a great-tasting protein powder, the sky is the limit. You can make healthy protein-packed smoothies, or even desserts! Slinky Shakes, for instance, can be used to make so many beneficial recipes. The best part is, the taste is so good — that you're offered a flavour guarantee with your purchase.


3. Added nutrition


If you're going to be making protein shakes and smoothies, why wouldn't you want to enhance your nutritional intake? Look for a shake that offers additional benefits, from ingredients such as green tea or acai berry. While enjoying Slinky Shakes, you also benefit from zinc, selenium, and biotin — helping you achieve healthier skin, nails, and hair.


4. Accessibility

Nothing is worse than finding something you like — especially when it's helping you lose weight, and then struggling to re-order it. When you find a protein shake you like, it's also great when companies offer bulk deals. For example, purchase three tubs for x-amount, offering a discounted price.

After all, if you're sticking to your regular health regimen, making nutrient-rich shakes, you'll need an extended supply — might as well save money! After all, with Slinky Shakes, a shake only ends up costing 71 pence. Can't beat it! With fast delivery times, you'll always be able to restock.

Enjoying a delicious shake that is high in protein and low in calories, has never been simpler. Although delicious, you won't feel bloated or guilty following a filling snack.

Start changing your lifestyle habits, and you'll begin to change your life :)


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