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4 Steps to a Better Nighttime Routine

Every night, when you go to bed, you give your skin a fresh opportunity to regenerate a new layer of skin.

That’s why having a healthy nighttime is so essential: you want your skin to be able to regenerate a new, firmer layer of skin so you can avoid embarrassing, sagging skin.

Try these simple beauty hack to improve your nighttime routine and wake up with healthy, youthful skin.


#1: Remove Makeup and Cleanse

It probably goes without saying, but wearing makeup to bed is one of the worst things that you can do for your pores. Let your pores take a breather overnight by thoroughly removing all of your makeup before going to bed. The better that your pores can breathe, the better chance your skin has for replenishing and restoring itself.


#2: Goodnight, Phone

Do yourself a favor and say “goodnight phone” before you do anything else in your nighttime routine. End all of your conversations, sign off social media and turn it on silent! Then, take a minute to give your phone a “bath” after its hard day of work. By wiping off your phone each night, you get rid of the dead skin cells and germs left on it from a day's worth of talking and being pressed against your face. Then, when you go to use it in the morning it’s clean and won’t irritate your skin.

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#3: Change Your Pillowcase Mid-Week

The problem with pillow cases is that they carry all of the dead skin from your day. Every time you lay your head down, you just put all of those germs and dead cells back onto your face. An easy way to save yourself from unwanted breakouts is to change your pillowcase mid-week. By changing your pillowcase, you have a fresh opportunity for your skin to regenerate without the added influence of yesterday’s germs.


#4: Take a Dose of Collagen

Your body needs collagen in order to regenerate a firm layer of new skin.

The problem is, for most of us, our collagen levels decrease as we age. To help give your skin a fighting chance for glowing, healthy skin, it’s important that you find natural ways to increase your collagen levels.

Did you know that Complexion Rehab offers safe and effective means of collagen production; and all you have to do is take two simple capsules each night with your nightly routine?

After one month, you’ll have back the firmer, tighter skin of your youth with hardly next to zero work!

Are you ready to bring back the healthy, youthful glow of your skin?

Make sure you try these simple nighttime steps to get the flawless skin you’ve been dreaming about.

And for more information about increasing your collagen levels, be sure to check out the Complexion Rehab information page for more information.

We can’t wait to see your transformation!

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