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3 Secrets Every Woman Needs to Know to Get the Helen Mirren Look

Oh, Helen. How do you do it? In a sea of celebrities, you remain timeless and classic; a true example of authentic beauty.

Now into her seventies, Helen has never looked better!

And the rest of us just want to know… what can we do to prepare our bodies for that timeless grace?

What are the secrets every woman should know to stay looking healthy into her seventies?

Don’t be the last to hear. Try out these simple beauty secrets in your routine today and keep looking fabulous well into all of your tomorrows.


#1: Embrace what you’ve been given + be confident

Here’s what’s so great about Helen: she’s real. And she’s unashamed. She doesn’t need to dye her hair to prove that she can still look good. Instead, she has fearlessly embraced the silver hair nature has given her. As a result of this small beauty choice, her confidence comes to overpower any other part of her being.

So, don’t be afraid of the path that nature is taking you down, ladies. Embrace it with confidence and believe that you are beautiful, no matter what. Just because you’re hair is turning with the season doesn’t mean your best days are behind you.


#2: Wear bold colors + act boldly, too

Why is it that women tend to draw back in a crowd simply because they are getting older? Don’t let yourself get pushed into the corner any longer! Take Helen, for example. When she walks down the red carpet, she wears bold colors and demands attention. She cannot be ignored! And why should she be? In interviews, with her boldly colored dresses, she says what she wants and what she believes. It is inspiring, is it not? To see so bold woman in action?

Don’t be afraid of standing out in a crowd! Wear the brightly colored dress you want and forget about what other people expect you to do. If you feel good about yourself, the feeling will spread onto the people around you.

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#3: Be comfortable in the skin you’re in + shine on

Everyday, we are given a fresh opportunity to thrive in our environment. But in order to rise up to these opportunities, we must learn to be comfortable in the skin we’re in. Focus on building your confidence daily.

Before you go to work each morning, look in the mirror and say three things that you love about yourself. In the beginning, this may be challenging, but stick with it. You’ll be surprised how pointing out the positive aspects of yourself will bring a new outlook on your life.


At HARVEY&COCO we believe that every woman deserves to feel beautiful every single day.

So, we want to know… What are your tricks for attaining classic beauty and happiness?  

Let us know in the comments below! Together let’s build a community of women who empower one another and who love the skin they’re in.

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